On the last day at the Walensee Resort. We had decided to explore the surrounding areas by foot, and perhaps to have a look at the bouldering areas near Murg. The distance from Unterterzen to Murg is just about 30 mins walk, so we started early in the morning despite the fault weather (snow and rain). 

I called it the House of the Boar
Tree and leaf

Green pine tree


Empty bench



After 4 days of intensive training on mountain sports, now it finally comes to the main dish of this Swiss tour. Skiing! Again, as an Asian who grew up in subtropical climate, neither me nor Polly has experience on skiing. So I have made a good decision to join a beginning course in Flumserberg. 

Speaking of Flumserberg, it is actually a skiing paradise for Swiss people, you don't see many tourists around and Asians are scarce too. The best way to learn this sport is to exercise it every single day. In order to do that, we had a quick escape from Zurich and settled down at a super-comfortable resort at Unterterzen, Quarten. A lakeside town at about 70KM away from Zurich. 

On that particular morning, when we had to take the train from Zurich to Unterterzen. Quyen missed the train because she ran for the bakery for our breakfast. It was a bummer, because me and Polly had always depended on Theo and Quyen and we had no idea where we have to get off. But fortunately we managed to get her back at the end. 

Our own apartment at Walensee Resort, super huge and has a open kitchen!
Jumped into the cable to the skiing ground right after settled down

So much snow!

A view from the top of blue pit. 

It just looked amazing

It was a right decision to have a couch to guide you through your first skilling experience. My couch is a local woman named Barbara. I will probably always remember her because she had much influence on me. She taught me how to ski in 4 days and at the end I can make all the way down on a red pit. I was so surprise that I am actually good at this sport, which is rare for me except climbing.

On the other side, Polly is not that happy with her first skiing experience. Which I could understand with a injured leg, is never gonna be smooth. We ever had a small fight at the ski ground. Well, I guess it is never easy to teach something to someone who is so closed to you.

Taken on Day 2, Max and Helga had joined the team!
Polly had been slightly recovered from one full day rest

Skilling couch (far right) and her students

After few days training I can go up to red pit !

Try to teach Polly some basic skilling.
Watch Polly was doing the "Pizza" to slow herself down.
Me & Polly

I am so grateful that Hegal is always prepared food for us.

At one night we had some local freshwater fish for dinner!

Do not try this at home
Dinner time and happy time

Act like a Queen and a King
Another dinner

Switzerland Trip Day 5-8 │Flumserberg

Switzerland Trip Day 5-8 │Flumserberg


After a very tired (but fun) snow trekking at Matterhorn. On day 4, we departed from Zurich early in the morning (very early, again!) to Interlaken. Theo said Interlaken is another sport hub in Switzerland, recently also been flooded with Chinese tourists. Because from here you can take the train to get to the so call "top of the Europe", that is, a train journey from Interlaken Ost to the Bernese Oberland Railway. 

But we were not here for that, we were about to experience something new and fast (too fast...), that is, snow sledding. It sounds like cool and just like you simply sit on the sled and go, easy right? Here comes the chaos...

On the way to Interlaken
The outdoor couple
A small town passed by 
The interchange
Changing train, note the guy in the train who waved to the camera :)

After we have got off the train, there was another 30 mins bus ride all the way to the sledding hut. Where you can rent you gears and store your belongings. On the bus ride to there, the road was meandering like a river. And if you did not fall asleep, you will be amazed by the Mt. Eiger just sit on the other side of the valley. That's was really awesome to see Mt. Eiger north face, where Dean Potter did his free solo climbing and base jump (link). 

Starting point
That's how men change clothes
The team
We were still having fun, still...
Only 1/3 the way, already feel tired

The Austrian way to wear a pair of pants 
Mt. Eiger at the background

Quyen's hand is touching something....

Complete white out
The weather was really great at the first part of the hike, all of us were enjoying it. Until some really shit looking cloud came in, we were immediately covered by it. Then snow started to fall, and wind was picking up too. We were in the middle of a mild snowstorm literally. At some point we decided to turn back and started to slide down, instead of keep walking under zero visibility.

As a normal guy and girl who grown up in Hong Kong, sledding is something we have never try before. Having said that, me and Polly still form a team and sat on the sled and ready to slide. "How to stop and steer?" I asked Theo. "Oh, you will learn it on the way" He said to us. Well, fair enough, let's see how it goes.

On our first try we crushed almost immediately to the side wall. After two more crushes, we still did not know how to steer this damn thing. Then it came the fourth crush, we had been thrown into the air, did a 360 degree, and somehow our leg bumped into each other. All I heared after was Polly screaming as if she was giving birth to our baby. Fortunately, just her right knee was injured and there is no broken bone. We decided to switch partners and let the more experienced Austrian to sit at the front and do the steering. It turned out Okay! All of us managed to slide down. Me and Quyen managed to get all the way down without crush! It was really fun when you know how to control. Later, we switched again. Polly was doing a great job even with one leg injured. That is our first sledding experience ever, it had been amazing and probably unforgettable too.

Later on the train ride to home, I checked Polly's knee and obviously it got swollen and appeared with blues. That was only the fourth day in Switzerland, an injured leg is never good on any holiday.

Cheers! We survived only with one leg down!
Celebrate with beer! We made a good sledding team :)